Taking inspiration from the past,
with a keen eye on the future.

The Friele family have been merchants in Bergen since 1799. Our sense of adventure and curiosity have led us to many different places – always on the lookout for new exotic tastes and fragrances. Our driving force has always been to give the Norwegian people a taste of the big wide world.

Even though Friele is best known for its coffee, we also have strong roots in other commodities. Friele made a cautious start with spices, hops and raisins that were sold at the market in Bergen. As time passed, beer and coffee were added to the stock. By the 1840s, coffee had become a well-established beverage on the Norwegian market, and coffee was the mainstay of our business for many years to come.

We doubled our coffee sales during the period 1965 to 1969 and, from around 2000, we succeeding in established ourselves as Norway's leading coffee supplier. The excellent cooperation and good agreements we had with most of the big national chains, in both the groceries and catering markets, go a long way to explaining this success. The result is that Kaffehuset Friele has become Norway's biggest producer of coffee and one of the most modern coffee producers in Europe.

Since Kaffehuset Friele was sold in 2015, we have continued to focus on foodstuffs through Friele Foods. We bought the company Brynildsen in 2008 and it became part of Friele Foods in 2015. As part of our strategy, we have also invested and played an active part in the start-up of several exciting businesses, such as the successful craft brewery 7 Fjell.

Friele Foods markets and distributes well-known Norwegian and international brand products in the following categories: cakes and desserts, bread and bakery products, ready meals, beverages, salad dressings, sandwich toppings, oils, sauces, baby food, organic food, gluten-free food and vegetarian food. At Friele Foods, we focus on always offering our customers an exciting range of high-quality products.

Trends come and go. This means that we always must stay on our toes and keep abreast of developments. We attend trade fairs and visit companies all over the world to pick up on what's new. Our greatest competitive advantage has been our ability to quickly present good and exciting products to you as a customer. With a very dependable and extensive distribution, marketing, and sales network in Norway, we are ready to deliver both Norwegian and international products to every corner of this big country of ours, all the way to your local shop. Our main focus today, as it was in 1799, is on delivering new and exciting tastes to Norwegian consumers.

If you are looking to sell your products in Norway, please e-mail your company details to post@frielefoods.no